• I was on LIVE TV

    Recently I appeared on live TV talking about photography and what the last 30 years of running my business has been all about.  Ecommerce host Scot...
  • 2021 Calendar

    Our 2021 calendar is going to print today.  As it is being printed here in Melbourne, in Fitzroy, we will have copies arriving in about 2 weeks tim...
  • I Love this camera, check out my review!

    Perhaps the most important element of a photographer besides their eye for a good image, is their camera.
  • Last Day At Our City Gallery - Matt Irwin

    The world is changing pretty quickly right now, and I never thought I would be closing our city gallery due to a global epidemic.
  • On Location Surfers Paradise

    One of the best parts of being a commercial photographer is the places you get to see.
  • Exhibition of New Works

    After 30 years capturing the essence of Melbourne, Matt returns with his latest pieces.
  • 2019 Calendars Out

    15 years sine our first release, the calendar looks as fresh as ever, click on the products link above to enjoy more.
  • Latest Book Launch - Sydney A Love Affair

    My latest book is out, and I was super stoked, to have Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of Sydney preside over the official launch.